Washington Initiative


We are actively recruiting new members of the Washington Initiative. Serious inquiries only. Admission requirements will be discussed on individual basis.

“We are individuals organized towards achieving peacekeeping objectives and humanitarian missions. This will translate into a variety of non-monetary services as unfolding events demand. Our primary goal will always be to help those in the most need to the highest ethical standard and to the maximum effect.

We are the Washington Initiative.”

-Official Mission statement of The Washington Initiative


* Humanitarian Outreach
* Neighborhood Crime Watch
* Urban Exploration
* Empowerment and Awareness Outreach
* Specific Operations
* Law Enforcement Support (missing children/missing people, stings, etc.)
* Environmental Outreach
* Community Emergency Response

Members of the Washington Initiative branch have, or are working on obtaining, the following:

* C.E.R.T. trained, First Aid / CPR certified
* 20 Hour Street Medic
* Medical Outreach Team Coordinator – Heroes for the Homeless
* FBI Citizen Academy
* Wilderness survival training – Emphasis in forestry, non-shelter, trapping and marine biology
* Reading capabilities in German, reading and translating documents
* American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation
* SIGNS of HOPE 2012- a day of nation-wide homeless outreach and promotion of the services provided by the 2-1-1 call centers.
* Daughters of the American Revolution’s Good Citizenship Award recipient
* Founder and Co-Directors of Support Real Protectors: – 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focusing on raising awareness and funds for local police, fire, health and activist communities, which hosted their first fundraiser in August, 2012 (comedy night and silent auction) benefitting the Seattle Police Foundation
* Crossroads Community Meal Program – Bellevue, WA – Prepared and served hot meals two (2) times a week to the local homeless and low-income population.
* Safety Operations Resource Team – Bellevue, WA – Collaborated on the writing and editing of over 30 safety programs, specifically Lock out/Tag out (LO/TO), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), emergency preparedness, confined space, heat related illness, securing your load, workplace violence/harassment prevention, flagging & traffic control and hazard communication.
* Children’s Self Defense – Provided weekly, age appropriate self-defense classes (grades K – 8) at a local children’s club.



Temper Ruska Roma


To see what we’ve been up to, check out our Year In Review page.

For additional info, find us on Facebook.

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