United Kingdom Initiative: Central


Founded in September of 2016, the UKIC is the Central section of the UKI Super Hero/Villain activists based in the Midlands.

Supervised by Lord Mole, we are here to help, one small super act at a time.

A message from Lord Mole himself:

“The lines between Real Life Super Hero and Super Villain are greyer than they once were. This year found some Heroes whose agenda I can respect and work alongside – after all there are bigger problems out there than egoes and Ninjalantes. Homelessness, Apathy to the suffering of others, and Bigotry to name a few. My enemy’s enemy is my friend, and all that.


“15 years ago I found the people I was fundraising with needed a villain character to spice up events and charity shows.  It was successful fundraising theatre, and became an integral tool.  The kids at the shows loved villains every bit as much as they did heroes – often more – I was villain-ing for the Lifeboats (RNLI) and Children’s Hospital charities well before I knew there was a heroes community, and frankly being a villain is more flexible; there are no rules. In 2015, I helped raise over £30,000 for emergency services and £2500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.”

Take a look at the UKI/C’s Year In Review to see what they’ve been up to, or connect with them on Facebook.