United Kingdom Initiative: London

We are a London, England branch of the Initiative Collective.

“We are individuals organized towards achieving peacekeeping objectives and humanitarian missions. This will translate into a variety of non-monetary services as unfolding events demand. Our primary goal will always be to help those in the most need to the highest ethical standard and to the maximum effect.”

– Mission Statement of the UK Initiative

* Crime Patrol
* VO Sting (Violent Offender Sting)
* Secret Security
* Public Security
* Humanitarian Outreach
* Urban Exploration
* Empowerment and Awareness Outreach
* Specific Operations
* Law Enforcement Support
* Environmental Outreach
* Creative Applications
* Disaster Relief
* Emergency Response

 We are actively recruiting. Contact Joe London for more information.To see what we’ve been up to, please check out our Year In Review page.

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