Illinois Initiative

We are the Illinois Initiative. We currently serve Southern Illinois. We are here to help. This includes meeting basic human needs as well as responding to deeper environmental and social justice concerns.

We are a branch of the Initiative Collective. Our mission statement is inspired by the mission statement of the Initiative Collective:

“We are individuals organized towards achieving peacekeeping objectives and humanitarian missions. This will translate into a variety of non-monetary services as unfolding events demand. Our primary goal will always be to help those in the most need to the highest ethical standard and to the maximum effect.”



* Create a region in which everyone’s basic survival needs of food, shelter, physical safety, health, environmental safety, and community involvement are met.
* Challenge individuals and institutions that create harm in our communities and region by perpetuating poverty, gender violence, environmental disasters, and other forms of environmental and social injustice.
* Create and support community organizations and programs that empower individuals and communities to flourish by embracing the principles of environmental sustainability and social justice.
* Develop the knowledge, skills, character, and relationships necessary to live a good life in community with our fellow people and the land we call home.


* Organize a small group of individuals to brainstorm, develop, and implement programs that serve our goals.
* Support other individuals, groups, and programs with similar goals.
* Educate, motivate, organize, and inspire others in the communities in our region to do the same.


* Identify the most pressing needs facing the region.
* Organize and/or participate in food/clothing drives, food/clothing distribution, fundraisers, and other events that gather and mobilize resources to meet basic survival needs that are currently going unmet.
* Organize and/or participate in various forms of training that will empower us to better serve our communities.
* When we have the necessary training and resources, organize street patrols. Our street patrols will serve the threefold goals of neighborhood watch, distribution of resources to those in need, and outreach about environmental and social justice efforts.

MEMBERS: We are currently actively recruiting new members. Serious inquiries only. Admission requirements will be discussed on an individual basis. Everyone is encouraged to find some way of getting involved in their community, but membership in ILI requires a temperament and training suited for the specific types of work that we do.

RANGE: Our current focus is centered on Carbondale, Illinois and extending outward. If you live elsewhere in Illinois, you are welcome to contact us about bringing the Illinois Initiative to your area. Be aware, however, that we are still in our formative stages and may take time to expand our range into other parts of Illinois.

Check out our Year In Review page to see what we’ve been up to, or connect with us through our Facebook page or our official website.

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