Project HOPE is a day of homeless outreach that was started back in 2010 by several Real-Life Superheroes who wanted to help out the homeless population of San Diego. Jack “RazorHawk” Brinatte, Mr. Xtreme, and a few other other RLSH brought water and snacks to those living on the streets just a mile away from Comic Con.

Since then, Project HOPE has grown to four cities and is joined by hundreds of costumed activists who bring sleeping bags, warm clothing items, food, water and toiletries to those who need it most. More importantly, we bring compassion and HOPE. july-suppliesjuly-hope-crimson

This year, all nine Initiative branches are hosting a day of HOPE in their cities. We are distributing scarves, gloves, caps, food, water and other essentials. All are welcome to participate, with or without a superhero costume. We will meet at predetermined locations and spend approximately two hours distributing these items. Some branches will be hosting after-outreach events (picnics, bbqs, etc.). Please contact your local branch for more details. Events are kid friendly.

To participate in a HOPE event near you, contact us at

Our branches:

New York

Virginia (Norfolk)

California (San Francisco)

Washington (Seattle)

Illinois (Carbondale)

Tennessee (Memphis)

Massachusetts (Boston)

Arizona (Phoenix)

Central United Kingdom