Why a “Year In Review”? Three reasons: to show potential recruits and the curious exactly what we do; to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our teammates; to inspire anyone who’s wanting to help their communities with very little or no money, and with or without a team.

From Lord Mole:

“Last year was globally terrible for many, but not for me personally.  It was the year I started working with The UK Initiative, inspired by the CAI and Joe Black, the Initiative’s first Brit representative. I now work for Homeless Outreach in 3 cities: Wolverhampton, Birmingham and sometimes Bristol – The Lifeboats (RNLI) – Supershoes UK (empowering seriously ill children) – Birmingham Children’s Hospital and any Real Life cause that can use me – never think that villains are just a foil – we actually move on issues. It just so happens that a few Heroes I know and respect face up to similar challenges to myself. If it helps feed people, I’ll even work with goody goodies like The Onyx Owl – until, of course, the mutual enemy is defeated. I am simply broadening the Villain spectrum.

“For me, patrol means exactly what it means for the RLSH’s who truly want to make a difference. However, my Patrols are not crime fighting; they are system challenging. I have a couple of square miles in the city centre where I meet with a growing number of homeless men and women – our city has removed its largest shelter facilities, and almost all homeless outreach is provided by volunteer services, with no funding at all from the city. I challenge that politically as well as physically by getting out and making contacts with rough sleepers more or less every day now – on the way to and coming home from work – I am almost never in costume, but the guys and women I talk to know me as  Mole – I also have strong connections to The Nightswatch in Bristol, and with The United Kingdom/Central Initiative, both of which are RLSH organisations.

“This year, I have received Home Office Anti-Radicalisation and Addiction Counselling qualifications, with a vetting referral from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which allows me to work with vulnerable people.  It has been rumoured that I have been “converted” – I have not!  I am and will always remain a villain, and once the threats of societal greed and manipulation have been routed, it’s business as usual, Hero Zeroes!!”

– Lord Mole:  Real Life Super Villain UK Central Initiative. January 2017.