Why a “Year In Review”? Three reasons: to show potential recruits and the curious exactly what we do; to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our teammates; to inspire anyone who’s wanting to help their communities with very little or no money, and with or without a team.

The New York Initiative focused on consistency this year, returning to Thursday evening homeless outreach events which have proven to be very successful. The core group of volunteers has risen throughout the year, as has the amount of supplies donated by our supporters, and for both we are extremely grateful! We plan to expand on this further in 2017, and are exploring some arrangements with corporate sponsors who should increase both our funding, supplies and number of volunteers considerably!

In other news, we volunteered with a local charity who assists low-income families, and will be formally partnering with them in 2017 to help them with the great work that they do in New York and Boston.

Last, but not least, as usual we’ve been involved in the Misfits For Life Warrior Dash (which has now raised over $100,000 for children with cancer), ran a 5km run every day in November for cancer research, have conducted public safety patrols throughout New York City, and have contributed to the Heroes 101 radio show and the Taking Initiative: Nation of Heroes web video series.