The New York Initiative started 2015 by calling an open meeting for all previous volunteers, in order to brainstorm new projects and outreach work for the year. This led to a number of new pieces of work, as follows, which made up our focus for the year:

– Weekly homeless outreach events, providing much-needed resources to homeless people in New York City, funded by or donated to the NYI
– Regular crime prevention patrols, focusing on Harlem in particular after some high profile hate crimes against minority groups
– Public safety patrols, resulting in the team providing immediate first aid to victims of drug or substance abuse
– Providing assistance to other local activism or outreach groups, including BEACON and Superheroes Anonymous
– Collaboration with other visiting RLSH, such as Jaguar, Artemis and others, and traveling to other regions to work with local RLSH groups there
– Protesting against immoral legislation, such as Governor Cuomo’s order to physically remove homeless people from the streets of NYC
– Standing in vigil for fallen NYPD officers, killed in the line of duty
– Attending local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training in order to generally raise the team’s skill levels
– Promoting community fund-raising events for other local and national teams
– Featuring in a number of regional and global media articles to generally promote positivity and the work of the Initiative

In addition, Spectre has been regularly co-hosting our Heroes 101 radio show, and raised almost $5,000 for the St Jude’s Children’s Hospital in sponsorship for the Miss Fits 4 Life team’s Warrior Dash event! You might also spot Spectre dancing to Uptown Funk on a video to promote Project HOPE in San Diego, as well as narrating the Taking Initiative: Nation of Heroes documentary!