Why a “Year In Review”? Three reasons: to show potential recruits and the curious exactly what we do; to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our teammates; to inspire anyone who’s wanting to help their communities with very little or no money, and with or without a team.

2015 saw the Seattle, Washington branch of the Initiative Collective decrease in number as the founder, John Drop, parted ways with the group to focus on going back to college. Is there ever a better reason to lose a volunteer??

We conducted two major homeless outreach events (January and March), a needle pickup in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle collaboration with RockNRoll of the California Initiative as well as SkyMan and White Baron of ECHO, and Boomer of USID (May, pictured), provided ‘oracle’ (technology) services in conjunction with USID and ECHO for the May Day Riots on Capitol Hill, and orchestrated numerous clothing collections for local homeless. In June, Krystal (Temper) and her husband, James (Evocatus) were married in a ceremony presided over by RockNRoll, and then welcomed their daughter into the world in late July. December saw the planning of “Care Packs for Vets”, a huge undertaking in helping combat veterans battle PTSD around high-stress times. We also traveled to San Francisco to join the California branch in a needle pickup patrol and short documentary film shoot. 

Krystal Marx's photo.