The UKI London had a slow start trying to find what worked best in London UK, but after trying (and still trying) the main focus has become homeless outreach and crime prevention patrols around the city.

We have had very successful homemade food/survival baggies that helped some of the homeless get fresh food and other items they needed and now later this month we will be doing our first winter warm clothing handout with jackets, sweaters, trousers and blankets that were donated by local charity shops.


We also have recruited our first full member to the team who has helped on many activities such as the poppy appeal to raise money for UK soldiers.

It has been less than a year and we have helped so many lives but this is only the start, we plan to step into high gear in the new year and work helping many other causes like the other Initiative branches have done and are continuing doing.

Everybody have a safe and happy holidays. Let’s welcome the new year on a good note.