* Started in early 2013.

* Provided approximately 100 hours of volunteer service to WDBX as a volunteer DJ focusing on environmental news and local community events. This included some on-air fundraising which probably raised about $100 to $200. [It’s hard to be sure because people don’t pledge for specific shows anymore.]

* Participated in the Keep Carbondale Beautiful annual clean-up event and cleaned up several bags of trash at two different locations in Carbondale.

* Provided at least 300 hours of volunteer service to Gaia House Interfaith Center to help keep the center open and available to the public for events of an environmental, social justice, and spiritual nature. [The exact amount is hard to quantify. They can only afford to pay about quarter time currently and I work over half time. One of my main goals for 2014 is to increase the budget!]

* Promoted and marched in the Take Back The Night march, a march to promote safety and empowerment for women and raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.


* Recruited a new member, Tabitha Tripp aka Woodland Warrior. Her focus is stopping fracking in Illinois due to the threat it poses to public health and safety. She helped organize a Frack Free Fest and is currently hard at work mobilizing people in Southern Illinois to participate in the public comment period on the proposed rules for fracking. I also work on this issue to a lesser degree, so it’s currently the only issue that we both work on together.

* Promoted and participated in the food drive associated with Carbondale in Thanksgiving, an annual interfaith Thanksgiving celebration. The event raised several hundred dollars and several large boxes worth of food, all of which was contributed to the Good Samaritan food pantry and homeless shelter. [I never did receive exact totals but should look into that…]

* Promoted and participated in the Super Typhoon Haiyan Bake Sale which raised over $100 for typhoon relief.