575189_286109464802921_1184414192_n 1391980_10151921706117570_710536424_n-11463579_577587152321816_1441625050_n 321353_420399641373902_808248973_n

Why a “Year In Review”? Three reasons: to show potential recruits and the curious exactly what we do; to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our teammates; to inspire anyone who’s wanting to help their communities with very little or no money, and with or without a team.


  • Started a fundraiser to help a local musician pay for an MRI and medical bills, goal raised.
  • Weekend outreach/needle patrol; started our needle pickup numbers at zero, gave out food and toiletries.
    january handout
  • Worked with local PD for anti-car theft patrols and pamphlet handout.

January patrol volunteer  January patrol

  • Offered to help RazorHawk with HOPE 2013 – started the Help and HOPE planning page.

june MJB hope

Jan NOH campaign begins

January TRIBE radio shows:

Creativity and Progression with Alex Peake (creator of Code Hero)


Rock’s Basic Self-defense Tips Pt. 2- Stopping the Fight with Keith Sheppard


De-escalation, The Right Thing To Do with Mike and Melisa


X-Altruism with Andrea Kuszewski


 Nation of Heroes



  • Valentines Day Brownies and Treats handout.

feb valentines brownie handout426174_314122178710272_1634450015_n

Passed out 100 “Safer Commuter Travel” booklets on local commuter trains.

feb safer commuter travel handout

  • Initiative Collective was featured on Kush Kulture.


  • Handout of gloves, scarves,  blankets and coats, 100 sandwiches, 100 water bottles, and 100 pairs of socks. The socks were from Olde School’s yearly sock drive.
    feb 100 items handout
  • Olde School is featured on Andrew Crossfire’s Superhero Academy.
  •  Zimmer Barnes helps us to promote Taking Initiative: NATION OF HEROES.


  • Newest member joins CAI. Welcome, Xavian.

.Feb with Xavian

February TRIBE radio shows:

 NATION OF HEROES: A call-in show


Rock’s Basic Self-defense Tips Pt.3 – Home Security


 Bullying: What Is and What Isn’t



  • Newest members, Draconian and Sage Tiger join in our “Flash Mob” soup/sock handout. Fed 100 people hot, homemade soup. Gave out socks.


  • Volunteered with Olde School to serve meals in Hotel Mentone, SF.
  • Sage and Draco’s son puts together 100 first-aid kits for the homeless.

March draven first aid kits  March first aid kits

March TRIBE radio shows:

Tiger Todd of Hero School


Cultural Insensitivity: What It IS and What It Isn’t with Ira of the VAI


Loud & Clear: Our Communication Episode with Treesong of the Illinois Initiative



  • East Bay beach cleanup.
  • Met Villains in Disneyland.

April Disney

  • Gave out 200 sandwiches/water/mini first aid kits to SF’s homeless.

april 200 sandwiches mini first aid

  • 104 needles- record!
  • Seed-bombed around the East Bay on Earth Day.

april seedbomb

  • Started teaching first LGBTQ-based free self-defense class in California!!

april self defense

April TRIBE radio shows:

Outreach on a Budget


Update: NYI


Homeless Outreach 2013: Project HOPE and S.I.G.N.s of HOPE



  • New record:  106 needles!
  • CAI: SF held a fundraiser concert for our documentary.

august SF AIDS fundraiser

May TRIBE radio shows:

This is NOT a Test! Emergency Preparedness



  • New needle pickup in Concord, CA
  • New record: 107 needles!
  • Taught 2 free self-defense classes in downtown SF with Olde School.

june olde school teaches

  • Needle pickup with White Scorpion.
  • Provided pre-Pride celebration security in SF.
  • Rode in S.F.’s Pride parade and patrolled after. Helped several injured/dehydrated people along the route.

june pride kidnick

June TRIBE radio shows:

 Community Activism: Cheap, Legal and Effective


Superfoods: A 3-Part Series on Nutrition with Vector of the CAI: SF


Superfoods, Part 2: Healthy Food ≠ Expensive Food with Sakura of the CAI: LA



  • Rock’s Nation Of Heroes video-blog begins.

  • Olde School moved to Tennessee and started the Tennessee Memphis Initiative branch. He rode his scooter over 2,000 miles from California to Tennessee.

  • Attended Project HOPE in San Diego.

1006281_384599124995910_1050799799_n  969768_150254988504414_333519299_n 1001078_150988998430049_1097007718_n Hope MJB july

  • Began Nation of Heroes cross-country road trip! 25 states, 25 days!

july tinoh

  • Met up with Olde School in Memphis, TN.


  • Joined water/first-aid handout in New Orleans.

July TRIBE radio shows:

Fire and Water: The Peaceful Warrior with Jeremy Spyder Gallant


 Happy Trails! Countdown to HOPE and Nation of Heroes


LIVE! From Pirate’s Landing, Utah!



  • Met Crimson Fist and Meta Data.
  • Helped with food/water handout in Virginia w/ VAI.
  • Flyer handout in New York w/ NYI.

CAI celebrated its 2nd anniversary.

august CAI anniversary

Performed in a SF AIDS foundation fundraising concert.


The CAI partners up with the Legacy Initiative, Utah.

Joined the CAI: LA for a 200-Burrito handout in skid row.

aug cai handout

Co-created a charity calendar to benefit the Pink Light Project.

August TRIBE radio shows:

 Cheers! Celebrating the End of Our Tinoh Road Trip


Kick Ass 2?



  • Started National Preparedness Month campaigning.
  • Held Emergency preparedness/bug-out bag workshop for neighborhood.



  • Featured on the front page of the Local section in SF’s biggest newspaper, the Chronicle. Here’s a link to the online version.


  • Got a shout out on the page of the bay area’s favorite long-running news anchorman, Frank Somerville.

  • Met up w/ NYI member, Spectre.
  • Joined the Legacy Initiative’s Grey and Red Teams

September TRIBE radio shows:

Superfoods Finale with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness


NightBug’s Birthday Nerd Fest



  • Helped Miss Fits 4 Life once again become the top fundraiser at the Warrior Dash Mud Run.
  • Met up with the Legacy Initiative’s Tedd Mills
  • Began volunteer security position at local elementary school.
  • Met up with motivational speaker for nation’s youth – Roy Juarez, Jr.
  • CAI: SF does interview w/ local news station.

  • Traveled to San Diego for an XJL member’s wedding.


  • Warrior Dash Mud Run/Halloween Party!


  • Group Needle Patrol.


October TRIBE radio shows:

 Ovaries and Activism with Miss Fit


 Fall S.I.G.N.s of HOPE


Halloween Fright Fest



  • Joined the city of San Francisco to support BATKID.

Working with our partners, the Legacy Initiative, we formed an outreach-specific team and added 3 new members: Hawt Flash, the Marine, and MHN. We held our Fall SIGNs of Hope street boutique (240 burritos, water, granola, toiletries, and clothing and shoes on hanging racks).

1467329_440753839380438_728560120_n  1467254_452886821500473_2013064088_n

November TRIBE radio shows:

SIGNs of Heroes with Travis, Tedd and Dark Guardian


1 of 7-part series: Neighborhood Heroes – Tips, Training and Tales with the Xtreme Justice League



  • TRIBE radio celebrates its 1-year anniversary!


  • Held Winter SIGNs of Hope street boutique (240 burritos, water, granola, toiletries, and clothing and shoes on hanging racks).
  • 1508192_453398948115927_1499114242_n

December TRIBE radio shows:

2 of 7-part series: Neighborhood Heroes – Tips, Training and Tales with Superhero


3 of 7-part series: Neighborhood Heroes – Tips, Training and Tales with Crimson Fist


4 of 7-part series: Neighborhood Heroes – Tips, Training and Tales with the NYI’s Dark Guardian


5 of 7-part series: Neighborhood Heroes – Tips, Training and Tales with the Washington Initiative


 6 of 7-part series: Neighborhood Heroes – Tips, Training and Tales with Thanatos Necrium


The CAI finishes the year with over 2,500 needles picked up off the streets of San Francisco (bringing our 2-year total to over 4,100), and 37,039 TRIBE radio listens.

Some of our goals for 2014 include celebrating TRIBE radio’s successful first year, sending all our late backer gifts (we appreciate all our supporters who read our updates on the fundraising sites. We thank you for your continued patience!) by the end of January, finishing and distributing our documentary, and continuing to grow and achieve even more goal- oriented tasks to help our communities. The CAI is proud to have one of the largest, longest-running teams (with all but two of its original members still active <the other two are on reserve status>). If you’d like help in starting your own altruistic work/group/event, please contact us at: calinitiative@gmail.com

Happy New Year!! May it be prosperous, productive and peaceful. Get Busy!