About The Initiative


Rock N Roll and NightBug of the California Initiative: San Francisco have been out on the road since the beginning of May, traveling across the country to hunt down other costumed activists and hear their stories. And the journey’s not over yet!
16473429_782065551947545_7020749536544952507_nTo follow their exploits, just visit their Facebook page here!



During the weekend of March 18 & 19, the Initiative hosted an international day of homeless outreach!

New York, California, Washington, Illinois, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Arizona, Virginia and the United Kingdom joined together to provide food, water, warm-clothing items and essentials to friends in need across the world.

For more information or to donate to Project HOPE, CLICK HERE.

We were in PEOPLE MAGAZINE and featured on an episode of Time Inc. – People Magazine’s series, American DoersTo read the article, click HERE.

To watch the episode, click HERE.

We were in a mini-doc created by AARP!

Want to meet our branch leaders? Here’s an intro video!



The Initiative is a grassroots group of volunteers who have banded together across states – and countries – to help empower people in their communities by any creative means necessary.

We are students, teachers, professionals, husbands, wives, parents. We are trained in CPR, de-escalation, self-defense, and various forms of management. We are members of the Community Emergency Response Team, Citizen Police Academy, and neighborhood watch groups. We volunteer in weekly outreach events, used needle pickup patrols, free self-defense classes and ongoing crime prevention. Some of us are members of the Real Life Superhero (RLSH) community and can be found on Facebook, and as administrators in RLSH welcome groups for new community members.


We host HEROES 101 Radio, a weekly show that helps you “live a safer, happier, healthier life.”

Back from another website that crashed too often, we are currently updating this site to reflect our most recent news and events. To learn more about each branch and ways that you can join us, click on the pages below. You can also follow each page on Facebook. 


For the New York Initiative, click HERE.

For the Arizona Initiative, click HERE.

For the Boston-Massachusettes Initiative, click HERE.

For the California Initiative, click HERE.

For the Illinois Initiative, click HERE.

For the Tennessee Memphis Initiative, click HERE.

For the United Kingdom Initiative, click HERE.

For the Virginia Initiative, click HERE.

For the Washington Initiative, click HERE.

For our partners, the Legacy Initiative (Utah), click HERE.




Be your own hero.

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